Lean Training For The Pharmaceutical Sector

Most Pharmaceutical organisations have already started their Lean journey. Some are in the early stages while others are at a more advanced stage. One of the biggest challenges for the pharmaceutical sector, from a Lean perspective, is that their processes are designed for bulk production and the subsequent filling and packaging of large batches. In spite of this, there are numerous opportunities to transform and simplify processes across the organisation. Up to now the focus for improvement has typically been in the production areas. The opportunities are equally rewarding however, in the Laboratories, in Documentation Control, across all of the material supply chains and of course in the support areas of Finance and HR.

Those who apply Lean successfully will substantially reduce their service lead times, drive down costs and create additional business capacity.
All too often however, organisations that embrace Lean, try to run before they can walk. They wind up making the simplification process complex.The Research and Development process is the most important process in pharmaceutical companies and forms a major part of costs. The Lean concept is desirable in this scenario to understand the critical processes to new drug development, and to research and streamline existing ones.

It is important to have these objectives to reduce drug failures, effect maximum utilisation of resources, and increase productivity and optimum utilisation of staff and other resources.

Rewards of Lean Training in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The Lean approach to the pharmaceutical industry can definitely reduce costs, process errors and product defects.

The Lean transformation has to happen at the operations and management levels, as well as in the behaviours towards customer service. Lean teams should endeavour to change the momentum in their organisations and be consistent in their values and the company mission statement.

Lean Training should not be ignored – a comprehensive strategy towards training needs at multiple points in the transformation process means achieving stronger organisational skills throughout the organisation and among staff members.

Reduced Cycle Times

Increased cycle times are major factors affecting the timely manufacture, supply and launch of new drugs. The companies that take advantage of this market situation will make the difference between success and failure of the product.

The Value stream mapping and process modelling concepts of Lean can help in reducing cycle times and operational costs, in addition to increasing the efficiency of processes as well as staff.

Prevent Drug Defects

Any drugs defects would be a major blow to any pharmaceutical company. Lean concepts such as DFSS can help, as they utilise tested scientific tools and statistical tools that help reduce the cost of human errors.

Lean training for Pharmaceutical companies can provide the advanced tools to conduct quality analysis, yield analysis, cost comparison of jobs, risk assessment and comparison of manufacturing processes at different sites.

Some of Acclino’s outstanding achievements in the Pharmaceutical Sector:

  • Production turnaround times reduced by 50%.
  • Recruitment fill rates increased by 80%.
  • Financial processes transformed with 60% of unnecessary steps eliminated.
  • Laboratories completely transformed with test backlogs reduced by 90%.
  • Documentation right-first-time rates increased to 99%.


At Acclino, we have distilled the essence of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management into one framework and a handful of simple to use tools. The Acclino framework will work on any process in any organisation.

  • It is simple to understand and apply.
  • It will fully engage your people.
  • It will deliver outstanding results.
  • No Jargon, no exams, no pain, no excuses.
  • Acclino make it simple and keep it simple.

We know that transforming a process is both a science and an art. We will walk you through the science, step by step, in a highly interactive, learning-by-doing workshop. We will also teach you the art of process transformation and how to fully engage people using real life case studies.

For more information on Acclino’s Lean Training services, please get in touch via the website https://www.acclino.com/contact-acclino.com

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