Benefits Of Lean Training

Lean training methodologies use data, measurements and statistics to identify process inefficiencies and then applies strategic tools to eliminate defects by decreasing process variation.
Organisations that effectively apply a Lean methodology will reduce waste, increase profit and enhance shareholder value.

For example, General Electric used Lean techniques to increase profits by $2 billion in a one year period.

Investing in Lean training for employees at all levels within a company can be a catalyst to increasing productivity and profitability. The foundation of a successful Lean training programme is a thoroughly trained base of empowered employees. Once the number of employees with Lean training reaches a critical mass in the company, productivity can begin to improve without increasing capital costs.

A company benefits from Lean training the most when a significant number of its employees are trained in the methodology. When employees have adequate Lean training they become much better problem solvers and can continue to increase the company’s productivity for the remainder of their careers. As more employees are trained in the Lean process, the company gains more professionals to help alleviate issues, more minds to solve problems and more hands to help execute the solution

Will Lean Training Work for Your Business?

Lean has been used successfully not only in the manufacturing sector but also in a variety of other industries including banking, healthcare, the military, fast food chains, airlines, hotels and retail stores. Lean Six Sigma techniques can be used to improve any repetitive process whether the process belongs to a large or small organisation.

Acclino’s Online Lean Training Solution

Online Lean training can offer a higher degree of convenience and flexibility. Quality online courses, such as the courses offered by Acclino, have interactive dashboards where students learn the course material, take tests and monitor their progress. Acclino’s online courses include videos, lectures and real life case studies to enhance learning, allowing students to do their training at their convenience and at their own pace. For more information on Acclino’s Lean Training services, please get in touch via the website

The Acclino framework will work on any process in any organisation. It is simple to understand and apply. It will fully engage your people, deliver outstanding results and guarantees no jargon, no pain and no excuses!

Lean Training For Financial Services

How Effective is Lean Training for the Financial Sector?

Lean training can provide businesses such as banks, insurance and investment companies with more productive and cost-effective solutions, therefore reducing risk during an economic dip. Lean training will also help to improve employee satisfaction, increase customer value and ensure the supporting activities are focused on delivering value.
Financial firms are a prime example of a service sector that cannot afford to be wasteful, due to strong competition, the impact of the recent financial crisis and vulnerability to economic downturns. Yet, it is claimed that at least 40% of costs in the financial sector are spent on wasteful activities that have no added value to the customer. Although they cannot control the fluctuating economy, financial companies can however invest in refining and redefining their own operations to ensure more effective and customer focused operations.

Financial Sector Explores the Benefits of Lean Training

The financial services sector is highly regulated with little or no room for error. Today the cost of quality and data accuracy is high on the radar for those organisations who want to remain competitive and build market share. Many banks, finance houses and data processing organisations have started to explore the benefits of Lean Training. There are numerous opportunities to transform and simplify processes across every financial organisation. Those who do so successfully will substantially reduce their service lead times, drive down costs and create additional business capacity.
All too often however, organisations that embrace Lean, try to run before they can walk. They wind up making the simplification process complex.

Acclino Lean Training Tools and Techniques

Here at Acclino, we have distilled the essence of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management into one framework and a handful of simple to use tools. The Acclino framework will work on any process in any organisation.

  • It is simple to understand and apply.
  • It will fully engage your people.
  • Delivers outstanding results.
  • No Jargon, no exams, no pain, no excuses.
  • Acclino make it simple and keep it simple.

So How Will Acclino’s Lean Training Model Work for the Financial Services Sector?

At Acclino we know that transforming a process is both a science and an art. We will walk you through the science, step by step, in a highly interactive, learning-by-doing workshop. We will also teach you the art of process transformation and how to fully engage people using real life case studies.

Take a Look at Some of Acclino’s Outstanding Achievements in the Financial Sector:

  • Financial processes transformed with 60% of unnecessary steps eliminated while at the same time making those process more robust and safe.
  • Documentation right-first-time rates increased to 99%.

For more information on Acclino’s Lean Training services, please get in touch via the website
Whether you are the sponsor, the owner, the facilitator or a key team member this training course will work for you and your organisation. Join us on our next Lean training programme and start your process transformation.

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