Lean Training For Your Employees

Lean Training That Works

Congratulations! The Lean Training program is finished and the results are in.

Most participants filled in your end-of-course evaluation and headed for the exit. So far – so good. These evaluations gave the course and the trainer a great wrap! Smiles all round.

Many managers, participants, and trainers assume that this is the end of the story. Great course… employees emerged enthusiastic… and now that they are back on the job the productivity benefits will flow.

Well, at Acclino we understand that this scenario is the exception rather than the rule.

What is often more likely for most participants on a Lean Training programme, is that when they return to their work, the phone calls, meetings, reports, employee issues, customer complaints are there, demanding attention. Within a week the training impact dissipates and business returns to normal! This is the washout effect!!

So Why Lean Training in the First Place?

Lean Training will be ineffective if there is no opportunity to reflect, understand, try out and embed the learning into the participants work.And while we are on this point, maybe we need to understand that the end of course evaluations may make everyone happy and they may be an indication of the experiences of the course… but… they tell us very little about how the training translates to on the job behavior and business outcomes. They evaluate the course, not the workplace changes that are intended to flow on.

Delivering effective Lean Training is the challenge!

For Lean Training to be successful, employees must be capable of doing their job, including adapting to process and other changes that the business needs. At Acclino, we get it! We believe that there are ways to implement effective Lean Training and generate Return-on-Investment for the company.

Good training is about having a capable and motivated workforce with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to take the company forward.

  • Training must be closely aligned with company business objectives
  • It will result in employees who can apply the training on-the-job
  • Employees’ workplace behavior will change as a result of the training
  • Managers will provide ongoing support and assist in embedding the results of the training in the workplace

Acclino, the companies we work with, and the course participants are focused on training that translates into tangible, relevant, changes in employee behavior that are what the company needs to move forward.

So How Does Acclino Work its Lean Training Magic?

Acclino’s Lean training methodology is unique! It helps that we offer training in our version of the Lean methodology, specially adapted for most industries.

We start with a Lean Masterclass Framework that is recognized as very relevant to business by many employers, has great content and for participants, develops real understanding of the process which translates to process improvement and other changes back on the job.

Acclino has a blended learning framework that explains how we implement a Before-During-After approach to our training that ensures: focused training, an applied understanding of adult learning principles and processes, on-the-job behavior change and measurable outcomes (which is where the ROI considerations come in).

Acclino’s Lean Training State of the Art Learning Technology

Acclino also differentiates its Lean Training offering by incorporating state-of-the-art learning technologies and learning processes including:

  • mechanisms to facilitate a virtual classroom
  • live webinars
  • team interaction
  • chat rooms
  • gamification and simulations
  • real-life case studies
  • plus on-line, interactive modules.

These are important processes in our version of blended learning.It is the combination of these multiple approaches to learning that produces outcomes for the business and for employees that are more effective than what can be achieved by traditional approaches alone.

So, perhaps Acclino applies sophisticated understanding and capability in the focus, content and processes of our Masterclass Framework… but a little fairy dust helps too!

In our regular blogs on https://www.acclino.com, we will feature real case studies outlining how our Lean Training programmes work for any industry.

State Street Bank
Aer Lingus
Kingston Hospital NHS
ASC Global Recruitment
International Financial Data Services