How Will Lean Work In The Service Sector?

Processes are the life blood of every organisation.

When processes are simple, reliable and robust, they will flow seamlessly, end-to-end, from customer request to order delivery. For most service organisations as they grow and expand, their processes become unwieldy, slow and very costly. The results are severe: dissatisfied customers and reduced competitiveness.

Many organisations across the service sector including those in healthcare, aviation, the financial services and the pharmaceutical sector are embracing Lean and Six Sigma to help them transform their processes and drive down costs.

So how does it work?

At Acclino we know that transforming a process is both a science and an art. We will walk you through the science, step by step, in a highly interactive, learning-by-doing workshop.

We will also teach you the art of process transformation and how to fully engage people using real life case studies.

Distilled the essence of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management into one framework and a handful of simple to use tools.

The Acclino framework will work on any process in any organisation. It is simple to understand and apply. It will fully engage your people. Delivers outstanding results. No Jargon, no exams, no pain, no excuses.

Acclino make it simple and keep it simple.

State Street Bank
Aer Lingus
Kingston Hospital NHS
ASC Global Recruitment
International Financial Data Services