How Will Lean Work In The Service Sector?

Processes are the life blood of every organisation.

When processes are simple, reliable and robust, they will flow seamlessly, end-to-end, from customer request to order delivery. For most service organisations as they grow and expand, their processes become unwieldy, slow and very costly. The results are severe: dissatisfied customers and reduced competitiveness. Continue reading “How Will Lean Work In The Service Sector?”

How To Get Buy In For A Major Process Transformation?

Today, thousands of organisations are embracing Lean to help them transform their processes and drive down costs.

One of the biggest challenges for every organisation is getting buy in.
You may have all of the Lean theory and use all of the buzz words but if you cannot convince your people to buy in, then you will fall at the first hurdle. Continue reading “How To Get Buy In For A Major Process Transformation?”

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