Business Process Redesign

Your problem, Our solution?

Maybe you understand that Acclino is in the training business…And perhaps you believe that we are expert at linking Lean, Six Sigma and project management to address any business process issue for your business!

Well you are right of course… BUT!!

We are really in the business of process Redesign!!!

From your problem to your solution -… with a little help from our world class Acclino process transformation framework and methodology along the way!! Oh… And our very effective and highly regarded training program.

What do we mean – the business of business solutions?

Our clients do the talking for us!Have a look at these examples…

Aviation – Streamlining passenger departures

Chief Technical Officer at Aer Lingus

The problemIn 2014 Aer Lingus passenger numbers were growing fast and our First Wave Departure process in Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport needed to be redesigned to serve the increased business demand.

The solutionWe tasked Acclino with undertaking a transformation of our First Wave Departures process.

The result… The results were fantastic! Our First Wave Departure on-time-performance consistently met and exceeded business targets in the context of continued year-on-year passenger growth.

Healthcare – Transforming hospital recruitment

Deputy Director of Workforce at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The problemStaff recruitment demands at Kingston Hospital NHS Trust increased by 60% during 2015. It quickly became apparent that our recruitment process were not capable of delivering this unprecedented increase in demand for new staff.

The solution… We asked Acclino to undertake a major process transformation project on our core recruitment processes across the Trust.

The result…The project was a massive success. We initiated and delivered the project using the Acclino process transformation framework and methodology. Have a look at these outstanding results: vacancy fill rates increased by 87% and recruitment lead times reduced by 55%. This fantastic performance has become business as usual at the Trust.

Pharmaceuticals – improved production turnaround processes

Operations Director at Merck

The problemWe experienced productivity issues in relation to our production turnaround.

The solutionWe worked closely with Acclino to analyse the production process and implement their framework and methodology to change our system.

The resultWe are already reaping the benefits with 50% plus reductions in our production turnaround processes.

Financial services – improved transactional processes

Vice President – Transfer Agency at IFDS State Street

The problem… We were looking for ways to streamline and improve transactional processes into our Transfer Agency operation in the IFSC, Dublin whilst maintaining our client centric ethos and approach.

The solution… The Acclino approach focused on simplicity of application, engagement of the team and securing buy-in from key stakeholder groups.

The result… An earlier process transformation was a tremendous success with a significant reduction in the number of process steps required. The new process was faster, more robust, reduced risk and maintained our client centric approach.

Ok. Back to you, our client

Let’s talk about your business issues for a moment.

What is your big business issue? It’s the one that keeps you awake at night!!

  • Maybe it’s streamlining your production processes to improve efficiency.
  • Or overhauling your people management processes to reduce staff turnover and improve the recruitment process
  • Perhaps your customer complaints are increasing – impacting on repeat orders and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Maybe the financials are not painting a rosy picture – and you must act quickly to address cash flow and recover outstanding receivables?

The bottom line… We provide you with a simple framework that will work on any process – anywhere in your business!!

All of the above – and more!!

What do you mean by business process transformation?

Changes in the business landscape over the past few decades have seen the rise of service business, maybe replacing manufacturing at the top of the tree globally.

While Six Sigma and Lean, are among the most effective are great at improving quality and productivity in manufacturing, Acclino understood that service business, including not-for-profits, need a similar solution.

They have business process issues too!!!

So Acclino linked Lean and project management methodologies to develop its unique business process transformation system for all businesses.

Our process helps you to build the process that are needed for your business to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage regardless of your businesssector or environment.

What do you do?

We train your people to deliver a world class Process Transformation: THE LEAN MASTERCLASS

  • 3 Day Intensive Training Programme in PROCESS TRANSFORMATION
  • This Masterclass captures and summarises the best of Lean Thinking and Project Management in one simple framework, the Acclino Framework.
  • The Acclino Methodology is simple, engaging and highly effective.
  • This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself and your staff in a Masterclass of education, training and learning-by-doing. We make the complex simple.

Check it out here at

What are the challenges?

We understand that any business process change is a challenge for the business… and can meet resistance or worse!

Some of the challenges that we help to manage include:

  • Getting buy in from multiple large stakeholder groups – company politics and resistance to change are ever present… Our training addresses this challenge
  • Being sure we are addressing the real problem… Sometimes the problem as it is presented needs more clarification… or perhaps it is part of a bigger problem. We understand that the focus of the transformation must be clearly defined by our client before the transformation gets underway
  • Implementation management – getting the plan done on time (and within budget). Staying on track is a big challenge for some organizations
  • Maintaining the gains – following through
  • Managing capability – We understand that those involved in the transformation process may be inexperienced in the capabilities required. Our training addresses this.

We believe we have met every challenge that emerges during the training… But we are always ready to be surprised!!

How can my business benefit?

  • Acclino provides a methodology that is simple to understand and apply. Key to success is the emphasis on simplicity and the engagement of the teams and the stakeholders. This is a great benefit across the entire business.
  • This methodology works equally well, and can be applied in business support functions, not only in core business areas. For example use it to improve quality or materials handling (receivable and dispatch) processes.
  • The people factor is always the key. Learn how to assemble the right team, how to get buy in across all of the stakeholder groups and how to fully engage your staff in all of your implementation of the process.
  • You get perfectly balanced processes with the disciplined application of simple to use process transformation and project management tools.
  • It is a client-centric process – encourages you to put your clients or customers needs first in any transformation.
  • You get a process that is fast, robust, and that reduces risk while still being adaptable to any transformation.
  • Finally, tour business benefits from the building of trust and co-ownership of the initiative that is a fundamental component of the Acclino model.

So… Here we are if you have a business problem that is keeping you awake at night and you are looking for a process to make the complex simple! And get the kinds of results that our clients thank us for!!

Distilled the essence of Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management into one framework and a handful of simple to use tools.

The Acclino framework will work on any process in any organisation. It is simple to understand and apply. It will fully engage your people.

Delivers outstanding results. No Jargon, no exams, no pain, no excuses.

Acclino make it simple and keep it simple.

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Aer Lingus
Kingston Hospital NHS
ASC Global Recruitment
International Financial Data Services